Benefits of Hot Yoga for Stress Release

1 Nov

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Stress Release

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Stress Release


Are you restless and tired? Do you feel stressed out in your workplace, at your home or in life as a whole? For several years, medical experts have recognized the many benefits of hot yoga and the regular practice of yoga as an effective and healthy way to relieve tension and lower anxiety levels. Its postures and deep breathing exercises are found to have marvelous healing effect to the body from the inside out. This also goes the same with the benefits of hot yoga.


No wonder many famous personalities have been hooked up into doing yoga. From Hollywood celebrities to fashion models and athletes, yoga has been the leading exercise practiced not only to lose weight but also to attain a better health from the inside and out.



Benefits of Hot Yoga as Stress Reliever


Hot yoga also known as bikram yoga is created by yoga extraordinaire Bikram Chodhury. He created this form of yoga in the 1970s. What made hot yoga different and more intense than regular yoga is the fact that hot yoga is conducted in a heated room of about 105F. There are some who practices hot yoga in a much lesser heated room but this temperature is the most popular.


It is done in exactly 90 minutes wherein practitioners are taught with 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. After each session of hot yoga, you are expected to sweat profusely and excessively, which is said to improve the body’s endocrine glands, blood circulation and heart rate. It also improves muscular strength and the body’s flexibility and ability to do a wider range of motion.


One of the many benefits of hot yoga is its ability to relieve people with stress and tension. The social pressure of life, work, family and responsibilities can take a toll on a person’s individuality, mental state, and physical health. Stress can truly wear and tear us out especially if we feel it on a daily basis. Not being able to relax and take a break can leave us with a busy and cluttered mind and a worn out body.


The benefits of hot yoga include relief in stress and anxiety. Most of yoga’s teachings give room to concentration and focus through meditation. The art of meditation relieves us of the tension we feel by teaching us how to concentrate on the positive vibes and let go of the negativity in our lives.


Hot yoga allows us to release the tension through exercise and sweating. It is a healthier way to release all pent up emotions that we have, thus, enabling us to feel better about our selves.


Benefits of Hot Yoga – Preparation before class


If it is your first time to do hot yoga, you must understand that this form of yoga is much more intense. Therefore, you should not eat heavy meals an hour before your hot yoga class. Heavy meals may induce vomiting or nausea. Make sure that you are hydrated. Bring with you a bottle of water so that you can replenish yourself after each exercise. Always wear fitted comfortable clothing. Loose clothes tend to be heavy after sweating profusely. By following these notes, you can experience the benefits of hot yoga without hustle.


Benefits of Hot Yoga for a Better Body

1 Nov

Benefits of Hot Yoga for a Better Body

Benefits of Hot Yoga for a Better Body


We have known yoga as an exercise that provides many benefits to our body. For years, as medical experts prove its health benefits, many have been practicing this form of exercise and have certainly achieved peace in their body, mind and their soul. What makes yoga very much different than other workout or exercise is that yogatic exercises engage the body in deeper stretching and proper breathing movements.


Hot yoga, on the other hand, is a more intense version of the regular yoga. From the name itself, it is very obvious that this form yoga is performed in a heated room. The goal of hot yoga is to induce sweating, which is vital for body detoxification, muscular strengthening and flexibility, better blood circulation, better heart rate, and improved health from the inside out. And there are more benefits of hot yoga that is to be discovered.


Benefits of Hot Yoga


Hot yoga or Bikram yoga has been created by yoga expert Bikram Chodhury during the early 1970s. It has become immensely popular not only in the United States but around the world as well. While many have testified to its many health benefits, there are some who questioned its safety and effectiveness to make the body healthier.


According to medical experts, hot yoga is effective in conditioning the body particularly muscular strengthening and adding flexibility. Compared to other bodily exercise, hot yoga makes the body move into a certain extent that allows it to do wider ranges of motion but without the risk of muscle tearing or bone fracture. Since most techniques allow the body to move in slowly in and out of the position, alongside with proper body techniques, you are ensured that your cells are oxygenated in every step.


Benefits of hot yoga also include better blood circulation and waste elimination. Hot yoga can stimulate the three vital systems responsible for better elimination of the most toxic body wastes. In a yoga session, every body part is stretched and pulled, twisted and turned to different levels. This leaves room for the body to remove waste products like carbon dioxide, lymphatic fluid and lactic acid, which results into cleaner blood and body cells.


In normal breathing, we don’t really take in the much needed oxygen that our body requires to cleanse. By performing hot yoga exercises, we can fully maximize our lungs’ use and take in deeper breaths each and every time. And as we take in more of this life sustaining oxygen, we burn calories and eliminate toxins from our body.


Benefits of Hot Yoga for Beauty


Another one of those benefits of hot yoga is to stay beautiful and youthful. Sweating makes the skin smoother and healthier since the toxins are eliminated. It is the best way to stop the signs of aging since it keeps the skin moist. If you want to age slowly, this is the way to do it. Instead of putting on creams and chemicals, getting involved in hot yoga and enjoying the benefits of hot yoga can make you beautiful and youthful from the inside out.

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Better Skin

1 Nov

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Better Skin

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Better Skin


You can spend thousands and millions in beauty creams and lotions. But in the end, the best way to keep a healthy, unblemished skin is through sweating. Sweating is nature’s way to moisturize your skin and keeps it healthy. It is also the body’s way to eliminate toxins and body waste.


The benefits of hot yoga include getting a better skin through sweating. From the name itself, I bet you’ve realized how this form of yoga is practiced. Created in the early 70s by Bikram Chodhury, hot yoga is a controversial yet effective version of yoga that is performed in a heated room (about 105F). It consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, which lasts for about 90 minutes no more, no less. It is one of today’s trending ways to lose weight as well as to improve overall body’s health.


What are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?


We have known yoga to provide the body with many health benefits that no other exercise can. This ancient practice is well-known not only in Asia but also in Europe and the United States. It has become a trending exercise performed by celebrities, models, athletes and other icons. Its many health benefits have made it a viable alternative medicine to some serious illnesses including cancer.


The most important out of all the benefits of hot yoga is detoxification. Detoxification is vital in our body not only through our endocrine organs (such as kidney and liver) but also through our skin. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, sweating can significantly eliminate waste materials from our cells.


Hot yoga induces overall body detoxification on a higher level compared to other rigorous exercises. By allowing your body to eliminate toxins and body wastes, you can have better functioning body organs, cleaner and well oxygenated blood, and better heart rate.


The benefits of hot yoga are well experienced in the breathing techniques taught in almost all forms of yoga. Yoga teaches practitioners how to breathe properly through their noses and make use of their lungs fully. Most of us rely on our chests for breathing, which leads to shallow breathing. Shallow breathing does not provide our body with enough oxygen that is needed to burn calories as well as flush out carbon dioxide.


By practicing hot yoga regularly, we learn how to breathe properly and give our body the much needed oxygen to cleanse out toxins and wastes. Sweating also keeps the pores of our skin moist, which eliminates the need for moisturizers and lotions. The benefits of hot yoga also include youthful, glowing skin. A moist skin is less prone to skin aging and wrinkling.


Benefits of Hot Yoga – Important Notes


If it is your first time to do hot yoga, you have to remember the following notes for you to be able to experience fully the benefits of hot yoga.


  • Do not eat heavily before session
  • Be hydrated
  • Wear fitted, comfortable clothes
  • Bring a towel and clean mat
  • Do not do it without supervision


Start practicing this form of yoga now and let the benefits of hot yoga change your life.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

1 Nov

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Males

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Males


While there are so many benefits of hot yoga for females, males also benefit from this form of exercise. Hot yoga is becoming a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to staying fit and healthy. It has been the number one option of many celebrities, personalities and other fitness icons.

For years, we have witnessed many wondrous health benefits of practicing yoga postures. It has been known to improve the human body from the inside and out. It is the ultimate form of relaxation as well as muscle strengthening and flexibility. With regular practice, yoga can induce full self awareness and full body and mind control.

Benefits of Hot Yoga


Hot yoga was created by Bikram Chodhury, a yoga guru, in the 1970s. It is also known as Bikram yoga, which is a variation of the traditional yoga. It is done in a heated room of about 105F for exactly 90 minutes. Hot yoga consists of 26 yogatic posture exercises and 2 breathing exercises. The most popular form of hot yoga is done in a heated room with 40% humidity (150F). Some hot yoga versions are done in a lesser heated room.

Men can also enjoy the many benefits of hot yoga due to their active lifestyle. If done in combination with weight training, hot yoga provides men with their needed optimism and desire to succeed. This combination of hot yoga and weight training can help both the body and the mind to become fit and healthy and ready for the fight. It gives males the strength and the optimism needed to succeed especially in games.

Benefits of hot yoga also include the following: joint strengthening, muscle flexibility, and improved heart rate. As active individuals, men can enjoy the benefits of hot yoga in body strengthening and indulging in rigorous physical activities. The heated room can facilitate to deeper muscle stretching and muscle flexibility without the risk of muscle tearing. It also strengthen the bones as you move your body intensely in the heat.

Males can also make hot yoga their stress reliever. This is one of the many benefits of hot yoga that truly aids individuals to feel better. By constantly practicing hot yoga, men can eliminate and release the stress of office work and burden of being the breadwinner. Like women, men experience pressure in life in relation to providing for their family. Men are generally the breadwinner, which is certainly a heavy responsibility. Hot yoga practice can relieve the tension of being a breadwinner.

Benefits of Hot Yoga in Bed


The benefits of hot yoga also extend to the bedroom and a male’s performance in sex. There are certain poses in hot yoga (particularly Eagle pose and Guarasana) that boost blood circulation and oxygen supply in the male reproductive organ. By regularly practicing hot yoga, males can boost their sexual performance to the next level. The benefits of hot yoga can pump up a male’s sexual appetite and his endurance to satisfy women with their sexual needs.