Benefits of Hot Yoga for Better Skin

1 Nov

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Better Skin

Benefits of Hot Yoga for Better Skin


You can spend thousands and millions in beauty creams and lotions. But in the end, the best way to keep a healthy, unblemished skin is through sweating. Sweating is nature’s way to moisturize your skin and keeps it healthy. It is also the body’s way to eliminate toxins and body waste.


The benefits of hot yoga include getting a better skin through sweating. From the name itself, I bet you’ve realized how this form of yoga is practiced. Created in the early 70s by Bikram Chodhury, hot yoga is a controversial yet effective version of yoga that is performed in a heated room (about 105F). It consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, which lasts for about 90 minutes no more, no less. It is one of today’s trending ways to lose weight as well as to improve overall body’s health.


What are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?


We have known yoga to provide the body with many health benefits that no other exercise can. This ancient practice is well-known not only in Asia but also in Europe and the United States. It has become a trending exercise performed by celebrities, models, athletes and other icons. Its many health benefits have made it a viable alternative medicine to some serious illnesses including cancer.


The most important out of all the benefits of hot yoga is detoxification. Detoxification is vital in our body not only through our endocrine organs (such as kidney and liver) but also through our skin. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, sweating can significantly eliminate waste materials from our cells.


Hot yoga induces overall body detoxification on a higher level compared to other rigorous exercises. By allowing your body to eliminate toxins and body wastes, you can have better functioning body organs, cleaner and well oxygenated blood, and better heart rate.


The benefits of hot yoga are well experienced in the breathing techniques taught in almost all forms of yoga. Yoga teaches practitioners how to breathe properly through their noses and make use of their lungs fully. Most of us rely on our chests for breathing, which leads to shallow breathing. Shallow breathing does not provide our body with enough oxygen that is needed to burn calories as well as flush out carbon dioxide.


By practicing hot yoga regularly, we learn how to breathe properly and give our body the much needed oxygen to cleanse out toxins and wastes. Sweating also keeps the pores of our skin moist, which eliminates the need for moisturizers and lotions. The benefits of hot yoga also include youthful, glowing skin. A moist skin is less prone to skin aging and wrinkling.


Benefits of Hot Yoga – Important Notes


If it is your first time to do hot yoga, you have to remember the following notes for you to be able to experience fully the benefits of hot yoga.


  • Do not eat heavily before session
  • Be hydrated
  • Wear fitted, comfortable clothes
  • Bring a towel and clean mat
  • Do not do it without supervision


Start practicing this form of yoga now and let the benefits of hot yoga change your life.


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